08/12/2010 11:19

Municipial elections in Mad

Municipal elections in the village of Mad by the courts

The district court ruled on Dunaszerdahely registered member candidates in the village of Mad, where the local election commission refused. Kovács and Margaret Irene Pónyová agency SITA confirmed that the court ruled in their favor. The other two candidates Commission denied the court\'s decision has not yet.

Local Election Commission issued a decision on the candidates not registered, because in its view, not sufficiently complete declaration of an independent candidate. The form did not have the age, occupation and residence. The ballot, however, these data should be completed. The court held that the Commission was wrong. The Court\'s decision is binding for the election commission, can not be appealed.

A spokeswoman for the courts in the region of Trnava Gabriela Némethová confirmed that the District Court in Dunaszerdahely already held in all four cases from the village of Mad, his decision, however, refused to publish an explanation, it must first be served on the parties.

Árpád Turczi, another candidate rejected the election commission said that the rejected all four candidates, the Commission accused the same mistake, therefore, assumes the same court\'s decision. He added that all four were members of the petitions committee last year to build wind farm near the village of Mad, which advocated keeping the village. Further candidates for members of the QMS nominees, as the only candidate for mayor. Mad village, which lies six kilometers from Streatley, has about 500 inhabitants and five members.